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San Francisco Bay Area | Meet Ms. Aronson

by PowerMyLearning on

Meet Ms. Diane Aronson, a seventh and eighth-grade science teacher at Burnett Middle School in San Jose. Ms. Aronson truly embodies PowerMyLearning’s vision by collaborating with teachers and families and sharing her vast knowledge of blended learning and fun tech tools to make learning more engaging and personalized. Teachers and families truly value her and reach out to her for support without hesitation.

Ms. Aronson described how she works with PowerMyLearning Blended Learning Specialist Kendra Frank:

“Our collaboration was very beneficial to my teaching as it helped me accomplish things that I had wanted to do for a long time. I needed that outside feedback to help me to figure out how to best implement strategies for checking for understanding and holding students more accountable in group work.”

She also shared how she used Google Apps in her classroom:

“I used Google Apps to facilitate a Material Analysis activity as part of a design challenge relating to building the best bumper for a toy car during a collision. Students first tested one material and inputted claims and evidence on to a class Google Doc. Next, students used the class data to rate each material on a Google form which led to students writing their own hypotheses of which combination of materials would be most effective to use in the design of their bumper.”