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Extend Math Learning with Family Playlists

A key part of our Accelerate Learning in Early Grades (K-2) program, Family Playlists® are an evidence-based tool that have demonstrated a statistically significant impact on students' math and SEL outcomes.

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  • Edsurge-1
  • Christensen Institute-1
  • 2020 Award Winner-1

Key Features

We want you to get the most out of Family Playlists. So, we've integrated a number of features to set you on a smooth course.

  • Designed for students in K-2
  • Aligned to your district’s math scope and sequence
  • Delivered via text and/or email in 100+ languages
  • Includes videos in English and Spanish
  • Activities use materials commonly found at home
  • No log in required - accessible via any mobile web browser
  • Integrates with Clever for simple and secure rostering

Why choose Family Playlists?

Improve math outcomes
Family Playlists have a robust evidence base, demonstrating a statistically significant impact on math outcomes and SEL skills.

Strengthen SEL skills
Students demonstrated 15% greater social emotional learning (SEL) outcomes. The study also found English Language Learner (ELL) students demonstrated 31% greater sense of belonging. 

Gain valuable feedback
Families are invited to provide feedback after completing each activity to communicate with the teacher about their child’s comprehension of the concepts covered in the playlist.

How do Family Playlists work?

Family Playlists are implemented in a simple three step process. Learn how it works through the example of an activity called “Put Together Word Problems.” In this first grade math activity, students practice solving addition word problems.

FP Process Circles for Web-02
Step 1

The teacher assigns an activity, such as ”Put Together Word Problems” from the Family Playlists platform online.

FP Process Circles for Web-01
Step 2

The family partner receives a text message in their preferred language, then clicks on the link in the text message to open the activity in the mobile web browser.

FP Process Circles for Web-03
Step 3

The family partner and child complete the learning game. Then, the family partner records and submits a 1-2 minute video of the child answering a few prompts to show what they learned from the game.

Our teachers love Family Playlists. They shift the homework dynamic from compliance to engagement. Students learn the material better, and our teachers can gain a deeper understanding of each student as a whole child so they can personalize their interactions and improve student outcomes.


Dr. Ellen Flanagan Partner School Principal


Impact of PowerMyLearning’s Family Playlists

Explore Family Playlists’ impact on student achievement and social emotional learning. 

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