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2023 Innovative Learning Awards

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Each year, PowerMyLearning's Innovative Learning Awards provide a unique opportunity to come together to celebrate student success in schools and districts across the country. On Tuesday, May 9th, we gathered in New York City for our 2023 event. Through the generosity of our sponsors and attendees, we raised $295,000 in support of PowerMyLearning's programming.


At PowerMyLearning, family is a core part of our mission. We do the work for school leaders that they prioritize mostlike learning acceleration or social-emotional learning programmingbut we do it in a way that involves families in instruction.

– Elisabeth Stock, Founder & CEO

The 2023 Triangle Award Honorees

During the evening, we honored a student, teacher, and family member from Public School 70 Queens (PS70) with the PowerMyLearning Triangle Award. This award recognizes the powerful effect of collaboration between teachers and families on student academic achievement and well-being.

These three have been selected for their dedication to building relationships on each side of the triangle: catering to the whole child, connecting families to what’s happening the classroom, and giving families ways to joyfully engage in academic concepts with their students.

– Christina Chiolo, NYC Executive Director

The 2023 Triangle Award honorees are:

  • Greta, Student of the Year
  • Daina, Family Partner of the Year
  • Ms. Simeonidis, Teacher of the Year

It's a huge confidence booster for the kids to get positive feedback from their parents. It makes them come to school eager and ready to learn. One specific memory stands out from our morning team meetings when a teacher mentioned how she heard one of her selective mute students' voices for the first time through these Family Playlist videos. 

– Ms. Simeondis, Kindergarten Teacher at PS70Q

The Community Leadership Award

Additionally, PowerMyLearning recognized José Vilson with the Community Leadership Award for his work in education and social justice. José is currently the Co-Founder and Executive Director of EduColor.

As I see it, we’re not here to save children, but to help children save themselves, particularly for children who society has decided to ignore and neglect in their own agency. As children find their voice, it’s important to note that we won’t leave them alone. We will stand with them and work with them in the fight for a better education in whatever ways we adults can.

– José Vilson, Co-Founder & Executive Director of EduColor

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