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Greater Los Angeles | Meet Ms. Salazar

by PowerMyLearning on

This month, we invite you to meet Ms. Salazar who teaches 7th grade social studies.

How she uses technology in the classroom to personalize learning:
“One of the tech tools I use is Google Earth where students can analyze the geographical layout of different continents. I want to give my students a perspective of the real world given that some students may only know a two-mile radius.”

How using tech tools in the classroom relates to the PowerMyLearning Framework for Teachers
Tech tools encourage student agency. “The teacher fosters students’ enthusiasm and curiosity by showing them how to self-remediate and how to explore content beyond the assignment to extend their learning.”

Favorite part about teaching: 
“Teachers are always learning, both from teaching experience and from students. Teaching also helps me learn more about myself. As a teacher, there is always something to learn.”

Favorite student quote:
When reading historical excerpts – “But Miss, why were women treated like that?”