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Step Inside a PowerMyLearning Partner School

by Elisabeth Stock on

I invite you to watch a brief NationSwell video about PowerMyLearning and why I love coming to work each day (HINT: look for a few pictures of me in Africa during my Peace Corps days in the ’90s!).

NationSwell made this video after selecting me as 2016 AllStar and including me and four other social entrepreneurs in their NationSwell 2016 Summit this month. I was thrilled to be selected and to join the other social entrepreneurs who are leading innovative and positive change across the country.


Below are some of my favorite parts of the video:
  • Teachers Supporting Student Self-Directed Learning: Teacher Azlynn Cornish from a school in the South Bronx talks about how she aims to support her students as self-directed learners. She says the playlists in PowerMyLearning Connect, “really give students the opportunity to regulate their own work and reflect on what they have done in the past, and it just brings them so much choice.”

  • Parents Supporting Their Children’s Learning at Home: Parent Lisnel Rivero talks about how she cares deeply about supporting her daughter Layla’s success as a student. After learning about the partnership between PowerMyLearning and Layla’s school, she says, “While they go to school to learn, the majority of their time is spent with family. With a program like this, I can further her education in a fun way.”

  • A More Just Society: As I say in the video, education is a key lever for giving everybody in our society an equal opportunity. A just society is one where we are all empowered to take the spark within us and have it glow. I love watching the parts of the video where you can literally see the “sparks” glowing in students, families, and teachers as they learn.