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Accelerate Learning for
Early Grades (K-2)

The pandemic took a toll on our youngest learners. Our new
evidence-based program for 
administrators, teachers, and families provides a path forward

A mother and young daughter practice counting numbers on their fingers.

Program impact

+15% Average SEL
outcomes as measured by the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory.

+4 Months
of additional learning on students’ math test scores.

Program components

Family Playlists®

Get access to our award-winning technology, Family Playlists! Licenses are included for each participating teacher and principal. 

For Educators

Two 60-minute, online, live workshops for teachers.

For Families

Two 60-minute, online, live workshops in English and Spanish.

For Principals

Two 1:1 coaching sessions with one of our experts.

For District Leaders

Check-ins to discuss alignment, impact, and feedback.

Our programs meet the definition of eligible expenses under Title I, Title II, ESSER I and II, and the American Rescue Plan. Please review guidance from your district about using possible Title funds, CARES Act, and COVID Relief funds to provision these services.

Family Playlists is now standard in the Early Grades program! Explore Family Playlists.

Expected Outcomes

This program has been shown to result in:

  • Increased student growth in mathematics
  • Impactful relationships between teachers, families & students
  • Increased family involvement in their child’s learning
  • Increased teacher expectations for student learning potential
  • A culture of teacher-family allyship to promote student growth

Implementation Process

We work alongside you to ensure a smooth and successful implementation with:

  • Clever integration for rostering
  • Dedicated project manager & tech support
  • Alignment to your district’s standards
  • Regular check-ins
  • Live launch trainings

"Family Playlists target families and teachers so they are working together to get kids to meet the standards. What PowerMyLearning does well is they provide support so that everyone involved in a scholar’s life has the knowledge and understanding needed to push students."

Joyce Beckles-Knights Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School

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