Build Teacher and Family Capacity for Student Learning Acceleration

PowerMyLearning’s Savvy Practices to Accelerate Learning Recovery program leverages research-based best practices to reach every child in school and at home. This school- and district-level program provides practical strategies for teachers and families to help students access and master grade-level content.

Program outcomes:

  • Understand how to deepen student learning and master grade level content through high-leverage classroom and home-learning practices.
  • Apply strategies to support student-driven learning and strengthen student motivation.
  • Create a strong connection between students, teachers, and families to engage students in meaningful learning in school and at home.
Important Funding Information: Our programs meet the definition of eligible expenses under ESSER I and II and the American Rescue Plan. Please review district guidance about using possible CARES Act and COVID Relief funds to provision these services. We are committed to helping your students succeed, which means helping you find ways to fund that success.

Program elements include:

Select from two focus tracks, Student Agency or Data-Driven Decision Making, to meet your district's needs! 

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Four Teacher Workshops

Teachers learn research-based, actionable strategies to give students the opportunity to master essential skills and knowledge before they move on to the next level.

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Coaching for Teachers

Guided by our experienced coaches, teachers deepen student understanding and strengthen their relationships with families by leveraging evidence-based strategies at school and at home.

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Four Family Workshops in English or Spanish

Families gain confidence in supporting their child’s learning. Families can access these workshops on any device and participate in English or Spanish.

What participants have to say:

I loved collaborating with colleagues and hearing their strategies and ideas around formative assessment. I feel more confident even after a challenging year.

- A Partner School Teacher

I know that it’s good to get in to my child’s education. As I was understanding [my son’s] work, I found the confidence to help him comprehend the work that he was doing.

- A Partner School Parent

Meaningful results for families and educators:


of educators agree the support they received is among the most valuable they have experienced in their career.


of families feel more confident they can support their child’s learning at home.

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