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Instructional Coaching
for Teachers

One-to-one instructional coaching has shown to be one of the biggest levers for growing teacher practice. Growing research demonstrates that coaching can lead to: 

  • Increased high-quality instruction
  • Increased teacher retention
  • Greater equitable outcomes for all students
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A teacher points at a projected worksheet on the whiteboard.

Strengthen Teacher Practice

Our partner schools in Los Angeles, New York City, and districts across the U.S. who received coaching support demonstrated the following outcomes: 

  • Accelerated math and reading proficiency
  • Increased teacher retention
  • Statistically significant improvement across core areas of instructional practice

Why PowerMyLearning?

With growing demands in their roles, principals tell us that our coaches have created greater capacity for them, including providing non-evaluative and individual support that their teachers need.

Both new and experienced teachers share with us regularly that our coaching helps them feel valued, supported, and empowered to help students grow.

A male teacher writes on an electronic whiteboard while a class of kindergarten students watch.

Why leaders choose PowerMyLearning coaching

  1. Leaders are seeking extra capacity to provide high-quality instructional support and feedback to new or struggling teachers that is aligned to the school’s top priorities.
  2. Leaders are looking for outside, non-evaluative support for individual teachers to grow student outcomes.
  3. Teachers need additional support with implementing a new curriculum including planning,
    pacing, and deciphering what to focus on.
  4. Teachers are seeking strategies to increase student engagement in their classrooms.

PowerMyLearning’s programs meet requirements for American Rescue Plan (ARP) ESSER, Title I, Title II, and Title IV-A funds.

One thing I love about PowerMyLearning is that there's so much flexibility and responsiveness to needs; it's not a cookie-cutter program that just comes and says here's what you have to do.

Magdalena Moore, Principal

Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary School | San Jose, CA

I really like how supportive my coach was and how she encouraged us to follow our own paths. I love seeing how my peers owned their practices too.

6th Grade Teacher

Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary School | San Jose, CA

It was nice to have someone observe me while teaching in order to get feedback on my lessons. My coach talked to the students during my lessons, so she was able to bring insight on how some of my students did during the lesson. 


PowerMyLearning Partner School |

Our Instructional Coaching Framework

Supporting teachers in grades K-12, our research-based coaching program is designed to support teachers individually in meeting their highest-priority instructional goals. Our 1:1 approach is different than most coaching programs: we support teachers’ growth in their instructional skills and family engagement practices—bridging learning in the classroom and at home.

PowerMyLearning’s Framework for Teachers focuses on four key domains:


Planning & Delivery

Decision Making


Our Coaching Model

Our model is delivered to individual teachers over a sustained period to strengthen both teacher practice and student outcomes. Our coaches are experienced former classroom teachers who have expertise in research-based instructional practices.

They are also experts in building relationships—with both new and experienced teachers— where they create safe spaces for teachers to take the risks needed to improve their practice.

2023 Coaching Model Graphic

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Framework Overview
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Our Impact

Our programming has led to positive changes in academic achievement and SEL in partner schools.