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Nurture Student Growth through Social Emotional Learning


Learning acceleration starts with SEL

Explore our evidence-based program designed to support both adults and children by applying a trauma-informed lens and building teachers’ social emotional learning (SEL) capacity — all within the context of learning.

Educator Workshops
Teachers and paraprofessionals learn actionable, research-based strategies to grow students' SEL skills. 

Collaborative Learning Series
Grade level teams dive deeply into a big idea with support from their facilitator.

Add-On: Family Workshop Kits & Training
Equip your staff with training and materials to facilitate family workshops in English and Spanish. 

PowerMyLearning’s programs meet requirements for Title I, Title II-A, and Title IV-A funds.

Program goals

  1. Learn how to build trusting relationships with all students that can mitigate the impact of individual and collective trauma.​
  2. Provide strategies to support the well-being of all members of the school community.​
  3. Create an emotionally safe learning community and provide strategies for addressing challenging behaviors in and out of the classroom. ​
  4. Build an inclusive community of motivated learners equipped with tools to manage their own emotions and develop positive relationships with others.
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Case Study
How PowerMyLearning’s SEL Program Accelerated Math and Reading Outcomes

Learn more about our successful partnership with Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary School.

“PowerMyLearning’s approach to SEL was exactly what we needed to achieve our goals. Their program helped us rebuild and strengthen our school community after a year of distance learning, among other stressors.”

Magdalena Moore, Principal Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary School
San Jose, CA

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The secret sauce to accelerating student outcomes in math and reading? Prioritizing SEL.

Watch this NBC Bay Area clip to see how a Title I school defied odds to accelerate student outcomes.

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SEL Strategies with Education Talk Radio

Learn SEL strategies with real-life insight from our work at a Title I school in San Jose, CA. 

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NPR's Teaching Matters

Unpack "why" SEL, what it looks like for students, and a success story featuring a partner school...

BLES FP Impact
Title I Elementary School in NYC Accelerates Math & SEL Outcomes

Check out one of our latest studies!

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