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Summer PD

This summer, team up with nonprofit PowerMyLearning to give your teachers a one or two-day PD package on how to integrate SEL into instruction in a way that drives student outcomes and supports families.

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How we can partner with you:

Flexible PD Packages

Through workshops and coaching, teachers learn research-based best practices, explore resources from our digital toolkits, and develop an action plan including time for reflection and collaboration.

This package includes ONE day with up to three educator workshops.

  •  In-Person or Virtual
  • Up to 30 teachers per workshop
  • 90 minutes per workshop

This package includes two days with up to six total workshops (three per day).

  • In-Person or Virtual
  • Up to 30 teachers per workshop
  • 90 minutes per workshop

Provide your teachers with the opportunity to explore, plan, and connect the content from any of the workshops selected in Package A or B.

  • Virtual
  • Up to 50 minutes per session
  • Booked in groups of three sessions

We have proven impact helping schools: 

Integrate SEL into academic instruction

Accelerate math and reading outcomes

Build capacity by allying with families

We're a national nonprofit with over 20 years of experience bringing evidence-based programs to districts across the country.

Coaching Spot Illustration
Support teachers with  PD and coaching to:
  • Grow in instructional practice

  • Strengthen relationships with students

  • Build allyship with families 
Support principals and instructional leadership teams to:
  • Grow in instructional leadership

  • Create a joyful climate and culture

  • Strengthen allyship with families 

Benefits educators love:

Learning something new with experienced facilitators, high-interest topics, and actionable takeaways.

Exploring resources
from our toolkits with strategies that are ready to implement at the start of the new school year.

Developing an action plan through intentional planning and reflection time and collaboration with colleagues.

"Making SEL a priority built our capacity as a community to help our students thrive. At the end of the school year, we saw a statistically significant difference in the proportion of students who exceeded or met district math and reading benchmarks."

Magdalena Moore, Principal Partner School in San Jose, CA

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Special pricing is available until May 26, 2023.