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All Points North Foundation Partnership

by Anna Lisa Caraveo-Flores on

I’m excited to close out this month by sharing the progress we've made in our ongoing middle school partnership, made possible by the incredible support of All Points North Foundation. We are honored to serve over 400 middle school scholars through this partnership. Our journey with our partner school is well underway, and our PowerMyLearning team is working diligently toward enhancing educational experiences, building teacher capacity, and fostering a collaborative environment that engages families in the learning journey.

“I am excited for my teachers to collaborate with our PowerMyLearning coach to help develop opportunities for students to engage in science via hands-on learning activities that encourage scientific thinking and reasoning.” – Principal

We launched instructional coaching supports with the school’s STEM efforts and will be working alongside the science department through April. In addition, the engaging workshops we have planned for both teachers and families have been met with enthusiasm and participation, which has already led to a strong collaborative atmosphere. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact, and none of this would be possible without support from All Points North Foundation. Together, we are creating a lasting legacy of empowerment, education, and community in Los Angeles. 

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