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PowerMyLearning Brings Workshops To Los Angeles Middle Schools Impacting More Than 400 Students

by Anna Lisa Caraveo-Flores on

As we approach the end of the school year and reflect on our achievements, I am excited to share the impactful work we have accomplished at an LAUSD middle school. With the generous support of All Points North Foundation, we successfully provided a full range of services including educator workshops, family workshops, and instructional coaching to a Los Angeles school. In 2022, PowerMyLearning was honored to receive a three-year grant from the Foundation, allowing us to extend our programs to underserved middle schools in Los Angeles. During the second year of this partnership, we reached over 400 students, teachers, and families.

Six dedicated teachers received 20 days of in-classroom instructional coaching from our experienced coach, Kenny Abbott. Our coaching model aims to provide ongoing support to enhance teaching practices and improve student outcomes. Here's what one teacher had to say about Kenny's support: 

"It was great to collaborate with Mr. Abbott to develop an engaging project for students to apply what they were learning. He supported me in designing the task and implementing it. Students loved it and had a great time completing it!"

Read on to discover more about Kenny's experience and the meaningful outcomes achieved.

Kenneth_Abbott_Blog postKenny Abbott, Program Implementation Manager

My collaboration with the school's science department has been marked by a shared commitment to growth, an open-minded approach, and a profound curiosity. Together, we've embraced the challenge posed by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which urge students to think and act like scientists and engineers—tackling real-world problems, constructing models, analyzing data, and crafting explanations.

 As a coach, my focus has been on supporting teachers in achieving their individual growth goals, all aimed at transforming student learning in alignment with NGSS principles. From differentiating instruction to designing immersive project-based learning experiences and delving deep into student data, every effort has been directed toward enhancing outcomes.

One standout example from a seventh-grade science/health class showcases the impact of our work. The teacher's goal was to enhance student agency, empowering students to take charge of their learning. During the family and community STEAM-in-Action event (pictured below), students embarked on projects exploring food deserts, oases, and swamps in their communities. Not only did these projects deepen their understanding of the subject matter, but they also spurred critical thinking about social inequities. Students not only identified challenges but also proposed tangible solutions, embodying the role of agents of social change.


These impactful experiences showcase the incredible strength and effectiveness of collaboration. They serve as reminders of the significance and fulfillment of our efforts in preparing students to become proactive, analytical thinkers equipped to navigate the challenges of our ever-evolving world.

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