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3 Ways to Share Your Family Playlists Data

by PowerMyLearning on

Now, you can showcase your incredible Family Playlist results with our new enhanced reports! Sharing data has never been so easy.

Highly customizable reports make it easy for you to select and share from the year. Here are three ways you can use them.

1.  Share with Your School Leaders

Elevate your success stories with your principal or AP by selecting your best examples of parent feedback and student responses. Follow these simple steps to create a highlight reel in as little as five minutes!

2.  Impress Your Team

Now that you’re a family engagement expert, share the love with your team! Send your best images and parent responses in a report and let the visuals do the talking.

 3.  Boast the Best from the Year

With new-and-improved printing options for Family Playlist reports, it’s easy to highlight all the greatest smiles, explorations, and learning from the year for all who pass by. Pin highlights to your bulletin board or add to your portfolio