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Study Reveals Impact of SEL Program on Students' Competencies and More

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PowerMyLearning's “Nurture Student Growth Through Social Emotional Learning” program significantly improved school climate, relationships at Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary.

NEW YORK AND SAN JOSE, CALIF. JUNE 14, 2022: A new study published today by PowerMyLearning, a K-12 non-profit that unlocks the power of collaboration between families, teachers and students, confirms the efficacy of its Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program and Triangle of Learning approach in improving students’ SEL competencies.

Results of the study indicate that PowerMyLearning’s SEL program, “Nurture Student Growth Through Social Emotional Learning,” significantly improved student SEL skills, teacher confidence in supporting SEL, teacher-family relationships and school climate at Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary, a partner school in San Jose, California.

“The school leaders and teachers from Meadows Elementary were acutely aware of the need for social and emotional supports as they returned to in-person instruction. They knew there would be major implications from a full year of distance learning, with students unable to advance in their social skills, and they knew that many of their students experienced loss in their immediate or extended families,” said Elisabeth Stock, PowerMyLearning CEO and co-founder. “This study validates our approach to SEL that builds on the power of collaboration between students, teachers, and families.”

Meadows Elementary implemented the program for the 2021-22 school year, which included educator workshops, coaching sessions, and family workshops. The school sought to address behavioral and interpersonal challenges through evidence-based, trauma-informed practices.

The findings indicate that PowerMyLearning’ SEL program had a significant impact:

  • Significantly better student self-efficacy (p<.10) and student self-management (p=.08).
  • Significant impact on teacher confidence in supporting students’ self-efficacy (p<.10), sense of belonging (p<.10), and sense of safety (p=.08).
  • Significant effect on teacher-family relationships (p=.008) and teacher perceptions of school climate (p=.03).

“At Meadows Elementary, our priority is developing an inclusive community of kindness and a sense of belonging for every member of our school community—students, staff and families,” said Magdalena Moore, principal at Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary. “PowerMyLearning’s approach to SEL was exactly what we needed to achieve that goal; their program helped us rebuild and strengthen our school community after a year of distance learning, among other stressors.”

To align with the overarching goals of SEL, PowerMyLearning’s program builds capacity to strengthen the Triangle of Learning to help teachers develop strong relationships with students and families and to help families better support student learning and partner with teachers. This approach equips schools with evidence-based strategies and materials that align with the specific goals of families and educators.

“Because of the pandemic, many students struggled to make a connection with me and with their peers at the beginning of the year,” shared Erin Cardona, a sixth-grade teacher at Meadows Elementary. “I wish I could have recorded a ‘before and after’ to show how much growth was made. The support and strategies provided by PowerMyLearning helped me create a sense of belonging and a better community within my classroom. I saw my students’ mindsets shift from just thinking about themselves to thinking about their peers and their community.”

A national K-12 non-profit, PowerMyLearning partners with districts in all 50 states, providing the resources necessary to advance educational equity, build positive relationships with families, and support student wellbeing and academic achievement.

For the full study, please click here.

To learn more about bringing PowerMyLearning’s SEL program to your school or district, click here.

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