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All Points North Foundation Grant Supports Personalized Learning in LA

by PowerMyLearning on

LOS ANGELES, August 17, 2017 — The national education nonprofit PowerMyLearning has been awarded a grant from All Points North Foundation (APNF), which will establish a robust partnership with the Camino Nuevo Jane B. Eisner Campus in the West Adams/Harvard Heights neighborhood. The program will provide 280 middle school students and 15 educators with intensive classroom support for personalized learning instruction, professional development, and bilingual family engagement programs.

For 17 years, PowerMyLearning has used its approach to help teachers and families team up to support students as they meet the challenges of high academic standards and develop ownership of their learning. PowerMyLearning’s approach leverages technology to facilitate deeper learning, providing support to educators, students, and families to ensure each has the tools necessary to effectively engage in the learning process.

PowerMyLearning’s partnerships with under-served public schools foster growth in teachers as instructional leaders, helping them better understand and implement technology in their classrooms, while also providing a clear role for parents to meaningfully engage in their children’s learning through their multilingual (English/Spanish) family engagement programming. Building the capacity of both teachers and families promotes overall student growth by creating stronger learning environments in the classroom and at home.

“What makes our approach to personalized learning unique is the focus on student empowerment,” said PowerMyLearning’s California Executive Director Neil Spears. “Rather than viewing students as passive learners who are guided by technology, we help them actively drive the learning process, so they can discern which strategies work for them and which do not.”

With support from APNF, PowerMyLearning will simultaneously work with students, families, and educators at the Jane B. Eisner campus, helping to strengthen learning relationships between each group. The non-profit’s campus-based team will also work closely with school leadership to reflect and plan throughout the year, while also gathering assessment data to measure the impact of the programs.

“Many middle school students require interventions and support systems to stay on the education track,” said Laura Staich, Executive Director of APNF. “Multi-pronged programs like PowerMyLearning harness technology innovation for positive educational outcomes, helping these students to achieve success in their high school years and well beyond.”

About PowerMyLearning

PowerMyLearning is a national non-profit that leverages technology to strengthen the learning relationships among students, teachers, and families so that all students can succeed. In Greater Los Angeles, we partner with nearly 50 schools, districts, and after-school hubs in under-served communities to provide teachers with coaching and students and parents with devices and training. A powerful element of our work is our free web platform, PowerMyLearning Connect, already in use in more than 40% of school communities nationwide. We have demonstrated impact on students’ achievement and love of learning, teacher instructional practices, and parental confidence. 

About All Points North Foundation

All Points North Foundation (APNF) is dedicated to navigating communities upward, and was founded by a family who strongly believes that everyone has a true “North” — a place of achievement. They feel that everyone should be given equal opportunity and access to realize their goals.

Established in 2011 in Boston, Mass., APNF is a small, private foundation that supports two distinct priorities in the United States: evidence-based programs that measurably improve public middle school education and teacher training, and projects that promote solar energy awareness and implementation. To learn more, please visit