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Greater Los Angeles | The Power of Family Involvement

by PowerMyLearning on

PowerMyLearning would like to thank the All Points North Foundation for helping to support our family engagement programs and personalized learning support at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy’s Jane B. Eisner Middle School this year!

Here’s what one of the parents we worked with, Veronica, had to say about the partnership and her son Julio’s experience this year:

(Note: This interview has been translated from Spanish)

Greater Los Angeles | The Power of Family Engagement

Q: What’s your name, and what is your child’s name and grade?

“My name is Veronica, and my son, Julio is in 7th grade.”

Q: Which PowerMyLearning family workshops have you attended at Eisner this year?

“I’ve been to all of them!”

Q: What did you think of the family workshops? Were they useful?

“Yes, they have been useful. For example, it’s helped a lot to learn how we as parents can support our kids with school at home during their free time – these are things that we’ll remember. All the parents are really happy.”

Q: What has your experience been like following our workshops?

“It’s been a big help to have a computer at home – my son Julio, a 7th grader,  has always been great about finishing his homework, but now he’s doing it on his computer – and achieving more at school.”

Q: What are some of the achievements you’ve seen this year?

“He’s still in 7th grade, but they have been mixing him in with 8th graders for part of the time – he says his friends can’t believe he gets to do 8th grade work!”

Q: How has family involvement changed this year at your school?

“We’ve had bilingual workshops before, but now I’m seeing more parents want to get involved and come to the evening workshops. It makes me happy to see that.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with PowerMyLearning?

“Your whole team is kind, you give us the space to participate and try new things, and we feel like we can trust you.”