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How PowerMyLearning’s SEL Program Accelerated Math and Reading Outcomes at Jeanne Meadows Elementary School


This case study adds to the body of evidence showing that student outcomes can be improved by integrating social emotional learning (SEL) practices into teacher instruction instead of making SEL “another thing” for them to do. During the 2021-22 school year, Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary School ("Meadows")—a Title I school in San Jose, California—partnered with PowerMyLearning to implement their "Nurture Student Growth through Social Emotional Learning" program.

After integrating SEL into academic instruction, Meadows improved student behavior, strengthened SEL skills, and saw a statistically significant difference in the proportion of students who exceeded or met district math and reading benchmarks. 

An impact study showed that there was a statistically significant difference in the proportion of students who exceeded or met district benchmarks before and after the SEL program for Star Reading (+13%; p<.001) and Star Math (+ 7%; p=.03).    

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The program also:  

  1. Built teacher capacity: Thanks to bite-sized, flexible professional development, teachers became significantly more confident in supporting students’ SEL competencies, including self-efficacy (+11%; p<.10), sense of belonging (+10%; p<.10), and sense of safety (+11%; p=.08).  
  2. Improved students’ behavior and SEL skills: By embedding SEL into the curriculum, students became better equipped to manage their emotions and developed key skills to support their learning. Students had significantly better self-efficacy (+12%; p<.10) and self-management (+7%; p=.08) after the program. 
  3. Strengthened relationships with families: Meadows successfully strengthened  relationships between students, teachers, and families. The SEL program significantly improved teacher-family relationships (+13%; p<.01) and school climate (+7%; p=.03).

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Magdalena Moore

Magdalena Moore Principal

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Erin Cardona

Erin Cardona Teacher

This study was generously funded by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation.