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Adrienne Kraushaar headshot


Adrienne Kraushaar

Chief Program and Strategy Officer

Adrienne is responsible for driving PowerMyLearning’s innovation and research agenda. She comes to PowerMyLearning with extensive expertise developing products and professional learning services and bringing them to market.

As a white-presenting Latina from a low-income background, Adrienne decided to dedicate herself to improving outcomes for underserved students. She began her career as a middle school math and ESL teacher, working for four years in schools in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Following that, she spent more than 16 years holding positions outside the classroom as a curriculum designer, professional developer, product manager, and Head of Product. During this time, she worked for organizations, such as the Alliance for Decision Education, Achieve3000, Kaplan K12 Learning Services, and Edison Learning.

Adrienne holds a B.S. in Organizational Communications, Learning, and Design from Ithaca College, with a focus on Designing Learning Systems. Additionally, she earned her M.A. in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University.