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What’s New on PowerMyLearning Connect?

by PowerMyLearning on

We’re excited to bring you new content, available on PowerMyLearning Connect!

New Standards-Aligned Math Playlists

The PowerMyLearning Connect Playlist library now has 160 new certified math playlists! The new CCSS-aligned playlists for grades 3-8 break down standards into smaller digestible learning objectives that students can easily understand.

Each playlist includes:

  1. Clear learning goals that are meaningful for students akin to “I can…” statements
  2. A vetted selection of high-quality learning videos, practice activities, and interactives
  3. Additional student-facing activity instructions for clarity and coherence
  4. Auto-scored self-check assessments that allow students to check their understanding and receive immediate feedback

Ready to start exploring? Simply log in to PowerMyLearning Connect, and select MathGrades 3-8Playlists.

PowerMyLearning Connect playlists

Tech-Enhanced Assessment Items

Create more opportunities to help your students monitor their progress and reach their learning goals! “Test” out our new wave of assessment items, including technology-enhanced items (TEIs). TEIs prompt students to think critically to construct an answer versus merely selecting a response.

Now, when using PowerMyLearning Connect playlists you can:

  • Create interactive drag and drop questions that require students to sort or categorize information.
  • Power up assessment questions by including multiple choice and correct answer options
  • Preview how students see questions and what they will see after responding